• Acupuncture

      Have a cup of tea and go find your favorite spot in the treatment room. Take off your shoes and roll up your shirt sleeves and pant legs. A typical treatment lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Let your therapist know if you have sensitivities or are uncomfortable at any time, we can always adjust our approach to make sure you are comfortable. Be sure to let us know if there’s a certain time you want to be done by, or if there is space available and you prefer that we leave you sleeping for longer.

    • Cupping

      Cupping uses suction from glass cup and is great for fighting off a cold or releasing muscle pain. In a massage the therapist apply’s pressure down on the muscle’s to release. With cupping, we are doing the opposite, lifting the area with light suction so that tons of blood and oxygen can get in and do the healing. Let us know if you want to try it. It will often leave a light mark where the cups are applied.

    • E-Stim

      We apply a very light electrical stimulation to the needles, similar to a Ten’s machine. This is a great additional therapy for muscle aches, tightness and pain. It feels like a very gentle tapping. We will recommend it if we think it will benefit you or ask us if you want to try it.

    • Herbal Medicine

      We are trained Herbalists and use Herbal Medicine together with acupuncture to vastly improve your outcomes. Often we will recommend a formula for you to take. If we are working on a chronic or a more sophisticated health concern we may ask you to schedule a private consultation so we can create a custom formula for you.

    • Nutritional Counseling

      In Chinese Medicine we believe that food is medicine.  We are trained in Nutritional Counseling and will often make dietary recommendations including food and vitamin supplements. If you are looking to make big changes in your diet please schedule a private consultation so that we can tailor a food plan for you.

  • Moxa

    Moxabustion is an herb that is frequently used in Northern China where the temperatures get cold. We light the packed Ai Ye herb and warm various points on the body. The herb feels warm and has a distinct smell. It penetrates into the meridian system warming, nourishing and tonifying. We may recommend this therapy to you. Great for the winter months and longevity, ask us if you want to try it.