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In addition to aromatherapy based massage oils, Good Medicine also offers massage using CBD-based products to enhance your massage session. Why? Because we have found CBD to be an effective anti-inflammatory with powerfully healing properties. It is an excellent complement to your massage and here’s why.

The Many Benefits of CBD

CBD is a hot topic lately as we move into wide acceptance of marijuana as an alternative medicine. CBD has been cited as being a wonder drug with the ability to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, alleviate cancer symptoms, and lessen the need for addictive pain killers.

It can be used internally but also topically in salves, gels, and creams. It has no side effects when used topically and is not addictive. What’s not to love?

Not all CBD is Pot Based…

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Copaiba-Derived CBD

Even if you wish to avoid pot-based products all together, there is another option on the market for you to still enjoy the benefits of CBD therapy.

There are some notable differences between hemp-based CBD products and copaiba-based CBD products. While it is unlikely that most commercial hemp-based CBD will contain THC, there is some risk involved with smaller batch products. CBD derived from copaiba cannot contain THC since it is not associated with hemp or marijuana in any way.

Copaiba is a South American tree that produces a cannabinoid-rich resin. Refined, copaiba creates BCP (Beta-caryophyllene). BCP works directly with the endocannabinoid system.

While THC targets the CB1 receptors creating a “high”, BDP only targets the CB2 receptors which reduce inflammation and pain.

According to chronically-healthy.com,

“BCP is a natural compound found in many plants (black pepper, clove, copaiba), that only interacts with your CB2 receptor–all relaxation, no high, completely legal everywhere. While black pepper and clove oil contain lower concentrations of BCP, copaiba contains a whopping 55% BCP–one drop is extremely powerful!”

In the end, no matter what your preference, you can experience the healing benefits of cannabinoids as a treatment for inflammation and pain at your next massage. Just request it when you book. We also sell a fantastic Missoula-based CBD product and Montana-based copaiba essential oil. Stop in and buy one today.