Food as Medicine: Cold Condition

WHAT IS COLD CONDITION: In true cold the body’s ying energy, which is responsible for warming and activating bodily functions, is overwhelmed by excess cold. Excess cold conditions stem from exposure to excess cold in the environment, or the excess consumption of cold food, drink, and raw food, such as ice cream, green salads or iced water. Cold may also arise in response to an illness where the initial cold pathogen has not been resolved. The cold can then become retained, locked deep in the body. HOW TO EAT: Eat warm foods and avoid all raw foods including salads, smoothies and vegetables. If necessary, warm or lightly steam foods. Drink only room temperature to warm beverages. EXAMPLES OF FOODS: Lamb, brown sugar, cayenne, chives, cinnamon, rosemary, twigs, cloves, small amounts of coffee, egg yolks, fresh ginger, ham, leeks, lamb, nutmeg, peaches, raspberries, sweet basil, walnuts, small amounts of red wine. **PRH recommends staying warm with baths, tea, socks and lots of scarves!