Home Care for Pain Conditions and Chronic Muscle Tension

Muscles are made up of fibers that shorten when the muscle is flexed. When a muscle is distressed from too much repetitive motion, being in a chronic state of tension, or due to an injury, the fibers wind up too tight and limit blood flow. This can cause pain, restricted range of motion, swelling and/or numbness. Acupuncture and massage work to increasing blood flow to the affected area and break up stagnation. Home care is crucial for muscle injuries, especially between a course of acupuncture treatments. The key to keeping muscles soft and pain free at home is to warm them. Much like water freezes when it’s cold, our muscles lock up when exposed to cold air, water and ice. Heat and warming herbal liniments promote blood flow, which will keep the muscle soft and healthy. Instructions: Avoid activity that aggravates your injury. Keep area warm by wearing a protective layer over affected area. Apply liniment to the entire muscle 3x/day. Apply heating pad 30 minutes per night before bed.