Over here in Montana we’ve had the most picturesque 5 Element transition from the fire/earth elements of Late Summer into the metallic season of Fall. The past few weeks have had alternating days of heat with dry gusts of wind and nighttime temps dropping low. The snow is falling! prh.shutterstock_89495620 In the acupuncture clinic, patients are complaining of allergies, upper respiratory gunk, anxiety and restless sleep. The excess heat of the summer is finally taking a toll on the metallic lungs as they enter their dominant season. The time of transition between season’s provides the perfect opportunity for us to appreciate our beautiful Mother Nature and follow her lead as she shows us how to prepare for what’s next. In 5 Element acupuncture, Autumn is associated with Metal which in our bodies is the very beginning of the Qi Cycle. From 3 to 5am, qi circulates in our lungs then moves to the large intestine from 5 to 7am. This is why so many traditional practices involve early morning breathing exercises. We awake to our breath which will stimulate a bowel movement and prepare the next organ in the cycle, the stomach, for its favorite meal, breakfast! Autumn is the perfect time to begin a morning practice. Breathing exercises, qi gong, yoga… whatever makes you smile, just get those lungs pumping first thing. (It doesn’t have to be as early as 5am to get the benefit of the practice). Here’s to open hearts and renewed expectations.