Kids Full Moon Clinic at PRH

Join us at PRH for a special clinic just for kids on Sunday, March 8th from 12-2. Traditionally in Japan, children were treated every full moon. It was believed that on the full moon, children’s energy was most accessible and easy to treat. This is a great time of the year to boost immunity and feel great. Acupuncture can help kids with an array of issues including, ear infections, common cold, asthma, digestive issues, bedwetting, skin problems and behavioral issues. This can all be done without needles too! There are special Japanese tools used to move and soothe the energy of kids. Treatments are only 20 minutes! Best for kids 6 months to 10 years of age. Come see us! Meet Laine: “I love working with children and their parents to optimize health and happiness. Kids possess powerful and dynamic energy that responds amazingly well to acupuncture. I started studying Chinese Medicine 6 years ago and now it is my passion to provide natural, affordable and good medicine to individuals and their families. I am expecting my first little one in May!” Read more about Laine here. Check out more info on Acupuncture for children in Laine’s article in the current issue of Montana Parent Magazine, page 35 Schedule your appointment here.