images Why Meditate? Calm your mind and nervous system Build your energy Improve your sleep Reduce anxiety and stress How long do I have to Meditate for? You may be surprised to find that there are no rules here! You can sit as long as you wish. Some people start with 3-5 minutes/day, some 20 minutes/day.  You can follow a guided meditation, enjoy the silence or turn on some soothing music. Consistency is encouraged and you may find that the amount of time you sit for gradually lengthen effortlessly. Don’t be perplexed if every day feels different for you and sometimes 3 minutes feels like 30 or 30 minutes feels like 3. Encourage a gentle curiosity as a staple in your new routine. HOW DO I GET STARTED? Guided Meditation:  DEPAK CHOPRAH 21 DAY CHALLENGE: A few times a year it’s free! We like this series because it’s not only very ACCESABLE but it almost guarantees RESULTS. There’s no better way to delve into a new study than with a course from a world leader: UCLA: Mindful Awareness Research Center. We like this series developed at UCLA because it’s FREE and EASY to use. There must be something to it if one of our most esteemed education and research institutions has a department encouraging participation: Explore and find YOUR favorite inspirations: Essential reading: Pema Chodron When Things Fall Apart, Living Beautifully Jack Kornfield  Seeking the Heart of Wisdom Search the pod cast library and find one that suits you. Google Meditation Groups in your area and attend a sitting. U tube has an endless supply of video’s to get you inspired. You may discover guided meditations that resonate with you or deepen your knowledge with Dharma talks. Now that you’ve found something you can use to get a little practice. You’re ready to start! Set the MOOD: Not in the mood? Turn off your electronics, have a cup of tea or take a bath before you sit. Before sitting down to meditate find a comfy place in your house that you will use consistently. Find a blanket or pillow you will sit on. Many people like to create a little alter and add beautiful, calming treasures to their routine. Now you’re ready… Light a candle. Burst open your favorite essential oil. Press play. Close your eyes… Don’t have time? Shoot for building up to 20 minutes but you will be surprised what 3-5 minutes a day of consistent sitting can do for your mind and life.