Missoula Welcomes People’s Republic Of Health Acupuncture

The People’s Republic of Health brings a new style of affordable acupuncture to Missoula Montana this April at 206 South 3rd Street West, next to Bernice’s Bakery. Come by to visit during the Grand Opening Celebration on Friday, April 1st from 4-8pm. Get a coupon for $15 off your first visit, listen to free live music, and enjoy free beer, wine and snacks! 12321567_986575398094726_4700774193320923177_nPRH’s community acupuncture model makes it possible for patients to use acupuncture and herbal medicine, and to pay for it on a sliding scale based on monthly income. It lowers the cost barrier so people who would hesitate to pay upwards of $120 per treatment can try acupuncture without hurting their wallet. In the communal setting, the clinic charges what you would normally pay as a co-pay, or less. Patients are initially seen in a private consultation room, and then treated in a large open room. This approach allows the acupuncturist to treat more than one patient at a time, drastically reducing the per treatment cost. Lower cost in turn allows you to visit regularly, to both heal and maintain wellness over the long term. Acupuncturists and people who have used this treatment know that it’s often the frequency of treatments and regular maintenance that make a difference in a patient’s outcome. http://www.ameliaannephotography.com Zoe Strauss, founder of PRH, earned a master’s degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in San Francisco, and completed a post-graduate residency at Shanghai University’s teaching hospital. Her residency experience introduced her to the community acupuncture setting. People received treatment daily and healed faster than she had seen in typical western acupuncture settings. It led Strauss to work in community acupuncture clinics in San Francisco and New York City after returning stateside. She opened her first Montana PRH location about three years ago in Bozeman. It seemed fitting to her that Missoula, with its diverse and physically active population and an expressed commitment to community, join in this wellness movement. Marissa Meyer has been practicing acupuncture for over 20 years and will be treating patients in Missoula as well. PRH is happy to bring Marissa to the team! 12321184_986575318094734_412592849747653444_nThe People’s Republic of Health clinic on South 3rd St. West sits in a restored building. Its treatment room is like an oasis, with a lovely décor, silk blankets, sound silencing, and even a custom essential oil blend that subtly fills the clinic. It’s a beautiful and relaxing environment, with privacy available for patients who require it. “There’s something therapeutic about entering a space where others are or have relaxed deeply. The collective setting seems to enhance patients’ treatments and experience,” Strauss said. “Time and again I see patients who have had experience with private practice acupuncture switch over to the community style.” PRH also makes it easy to get treatment with online scheduling. It gives new and returning patients an extended range of available times and treatments that you can customize to fit a busy schedule. Visit the website to learn more about acupuncture and additional information on the People’s Republic of Health.