NEXT LEVEL in 2014!

JANUARY – BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT…Let’s take them all to the NEXT LEVEL in 2014! +++ ACUPUNCTURE 1/WEEK at PRH +++ images 1) A proper CLEANSE with real food:) Standard process had a 21 day one and Metagenics has a 10 day-er. I love them both. If you are interested schedule a ‘Nutritional Consultation’ on-line and we’ll choose the right one for you! I have some of both in stock but will probably need to order more soon.  2) 28 day YOGA challenge: Mountain Yoga on Babcock has an offer but you can really do it anywhere that works for your schedule. 3) MEDITATE: A crew of us it did it last month and it’s easy and TRANSFORMATIVE – even if you’re “not good at meditating” Depak and Oprah team up to offer on-line guidance here you can even do on your phone. There’s also an amazing new resource in our community. Bozeman Dharma Center downtown. Check out the schedule and GO!