Preventing Seasonal Allergies

In honor of the first day of spring, we’re making the commitment to get rid of those nasty seasonal allergies that plague so many of us. Here are some ways to keep your nose from running all spring and summer. Chinese Herbal Medicine: Jade Wind Screen This herbal formula works wonders for patients with seasonal allergies. The Chinese name for the formula is Jade Wind Screen, which refers to the traditional practice of planting bamboo in front of a house in order to build a barrier against wind that would bring sickness into the house. This same principle applies to the formula’s actions in the body: when taken in advance of allergy season, your body will have time to build up a barrier against allergy triggers. Trust the Bees! Eating local honey and bee pollen in the months before allergy season can help to lessen symptoms. By eating local honey and bee pollen, you expose yourself to very small amounts of the pollen that will later trigger your symptoms. Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat more honey? Acupuncture Check out this link to learn more about how acupuncture can help with seasonal allergies.