Beginning May 10, we will begin to offer suggested donation yoga classes here at PRH! Our weekly offerings will begin with: HATHA FLOW, SUNDAY 12 – 1:15 PM Get ready for Monday with this mellow yet invigorating practice. Work out the kinks, strengthen and energize so that you can start your week feeling your very best. What is Suggested Donation Yoga? It’s just what it sounds like. We suggest a donation. You pay what you can so that you return for more. We want this to be a regular practice for you and encourage everybody to join in. Just drop your payment in the blue donation box at the front desk (suggested donation $10). What to bring: Arrive in comfortable clothing. Bring your mat (there are limited mats and props available), water, and any props you would like to use i.e. blocks, straps, pillows, blanket. Are these classes right for you? These classes are open to every-BODY. We welcome all yogi levels. Come young, old, in perfect health, or allow yoga to help with your current conditions.
  We are so thrilled to have the lovely and amazing Anna K. teach our first PRH Donation-Based Yoga. Tell us about yourself, Anna!f1625ec6-0479-4f83-a2d1-f18e2f7622a1 How did you get into yoga? It was luck that I walked into Ethos Yoga and Therapeutic Arts in Michigan at age 21. I was in the middle of traveling and had already been practicing Yoga for 2 years. The training at Ethos changed my life; I found a deep understanding of myself, and then Yoga. I have taken the therapeutic and meditative-movement aspect that I first found in Michigan into my heart and still use it in my personal and teaching practice. After discovering the studio, I went on to complete their Hatha Yoga Teacher Training  two years in a row and became part of the Kest Yoga Lineage. What do you enjoy most about practicing and teaching yoga? It’s a time for me to turn in and hang out with myself. I notice physical and emotional progress through my Yoga practice. I take a safe and introspective approach to my teaching and really do welcome all levels and body types in my teaching. It’s a beautiful thing to watch a student flow and experience Yoga on a deeper and more authentic level. How do you take your yoga practice outside of the studio? I love to relax in hot springs and in the trees. Yoga has definitely helped with my rock climbing hobby. Mental focus and open hips! What is the best medicine you know for health and happiness?   – A personal movement based meditation. – Laughter. – Rest and yummy food.