Good Medicine

Case Study #1

Massage & Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

In early 2018, a patient named Luke came into the clinic with both chronic and acute pain in the lower back and hip region. His pain was so severe that he was unable to run, bend over, or stretch without significant pain.

The patient was in his early 30’s, in good health, and had no recurrent issues prior to a pulled muscle that occurred months earlier in September.

The Breaking Point

Luke’s Story

It was a beautiful April day and the 2018 Riverbank Run was concluding at its usually spot near the Boone & Crockett Club by the river below 3rd St.

Luke’s daughter was running in the race and he waited patiently at the finish line for her to appear. He could not run with her this year after pulling a muscle in his back and psoas. He had always loved running but found it too painful to manage, even for the short, 1-mile Fun Run. He hated that he was delegated to watching from the sidelines as his 8-year old ran the race without him.

He knew something needed to change but no amount of stretching or physical therapy had been able to get him mobile again.

Discovering Acupuncture & Massage

As though it were fate, Luke passed Good Medicine as they were leaving the finish of the race and decided to stop in and give acupuncture a try. He was willing to try anything at this point.

Though he was skeptical, the first session was surprisingly relaxing. He wasn’t sure how effective it was and still found himself unable to run, but the sessions were painless and he stuck with a treatment plan that included 2 treatments per week to start. 

After a few weeks, he noticed obvious improvements in his mobility and the pain was not constant as it was before.

Through his acupuncturist’s suggestion, he began to incorporate once a month massage treatments as he lessened the frequency of his acupuncture sessions.

Dramatic improvement was seen with this combination and over time he came into the clinic less as he had regained full mobility and even began running again. The treatment cycle lasted for about 6 months.

I had no idea it would be that easy or that effective. I work in the fitness industry so my livelihood depends on me being able to move and be active. Good Medicine gave me my life back.

Good Medicine

One Year Later

It is another beautiful day in late April of 2019. Luke is warming up at the start line in Downtown Missoula with his daughter. They are preparing to run the Riverbank Run together. Luke is pain-free and runs every day again.

He still goes into Good Medicine occasionally although it hasn’t been necessary for many months. He feels better than he has in years and tells everyone he knows to give acupuncture & massage therapy a try. It worked for him. It might work for you too.