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Jessi is a 5th generation Montanan and was raised with a deep love for this state and the people who live in it. A Licensed Massage Therapist with over a decade of experience, she is passionate about holistic wellness, and anyone that has come through our doors can testify to her welcoming nature and sense of humor.

Good Medicine was born out of her desire to bring together exceptionally qualified practitioners to work under a model that provides affordable and accessible pricing for our patients, in an environment that allows deep relaxation and healing. Founded in Missoula, MT in 2016, Good Medicine now has locations in Missoula and Bozeman, MT, and provides over 16,000 treatments each year to our community.

Jessi does her best to follow her own advice and tends to her wellness with regular Acupuncture & Massage sessions, herbal medicine practices, and prefers biking, boxing, and yoga to keep herself strong. When she takes a break from tending to Good Medicine you can find her outside with her dogs, seeking live music wherever she can find it or planning her next trip to almost anywhere, and serves her community as a member of the Board of Directors for the Child Start Head Start program in Missoula, MT.



Gavin McClure grew up in Yellowstone National Park and attended the University of Montana.

After graduating with a degree in Liberal Studies/ Environmental studies, Gavin found himself living in Los Angeles and New York City, where his interest in Chinese Medicine began.
He Attended The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR and Graduated with a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM).

Gavin utilizes the many modalities of Chinese Medicine to treat Muscular-Skeletal disorders, hormone imbalances, men’s health and pediatrics. He is very excited to move back to Montana with his family and take advantage of his love of the outdoors. He is an avid Skier, Climber, and Kayaker, as well as an accomplished Artist.



Rosemary Lyda, a Montana native, is a skilled and caring practitioner that shares a tremendous passion for natural therapies and medicine.

Since graduating from Montana State University-Bozeman, she has a worked in various veterinary clinics as well as research and development facilities with a focus on animal / human health. Rosemary graduated with a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Japanese Styles from the highly regarded Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) University – New England School of Acupuncture (NESA).

Rosemary’s philosophy of care is to treat every patient holistically. This includes encouraging patients to consider lifestyle changes, diet, qigong, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, and western medicine.

She applies her training to treat muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, connective tissue disorders,
digestive disorders, neurologic issues – sciatica, headaches, anxiety, depression, and menstrual
irregularities to name a few. She is fond of utilizing Japanese style non-insertive needle techniques to
treat children and patients who are needle sensitive. She also maintains an active role with the MCPHS University – NESA as a professional tutor.

Outside of the clinic, Rosemary enjoys hiking, biking, reading, spending time with God, her family, and her two cuddly cats.



Dr. Dave Flater is thrilled to join the Acupuncture team at Good Medicine Missoula. Enjoying a successful career as a Certified Massage Therapist, Dave’s interest in Holistic Medicine began when he found Western Doctors could not help him address the roots of his own wellness. After earning his Master’s Degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2005 in Bloomington, MN, he went on to obtain his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego, CA in 2020.

He has a strong belief and commitment to educating people about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has a thorough understanding of the modalities and techniques used in the field of Acupuncture. Dave loves learning new things and keeping his mind sharp, and has completed many special certifications in dry needling, trigger point injection, pain management, oncology, cupping, reflexology, and Western and Eastern Herbology, just to name a few. His own wellness is a testament to the medicine he practices.

Away from the clinic, Dave and his wife Lisa enjoy camping, hiking, and biking and are very much looking forward to exploring their new home in Montana!



After studying pre-nursing at UM, she went on to graduate from the Montana School of Massage when holistic healthcare became her calling. She is talented, intuitive, and well educated. She works with a deep pressure/deep tissue style. (If you like to feel a heavy hand during your treatment, she is a great match for you.) She also practices massage cupping and is a passionate Thai Bodywork specialist.

To keep herself well she enjoys hiking around Montana, enjoying time with her family, and pursuing continuing education to deepen her expertise in Bodywork.



Robin Rose is a graduate of The Sacred Roots School of Massage in Missoula Montana. With an extensive background in the local theater scene, Robin has chosen a quieter path in helping her community heal through massage therapy and Reiki. She believes touch is sacred, and your individual wellbeing is deeply precious. Robin is dedicated to helping you find peace within yourself via energy work, myofascial release, hot stone, prenatal massage, trigger point and cupping therapy. Her approach to addressing pain and tension is to “Act globally to heal locally” meaning she takes into account the body and mind as a whole and inseparable in her practice. Robin’s ultimate goal is to help you live your life, rather than live your pain. When she’s not in the clinic, Robin enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, her amazing daughter, and her two spoiled cats Obi Wan Catnobie and Darth Kittious.


Sarah Hanlon joins Good Medicine as a graduate of the Sacred Roots School of Massage in Missoula, MT.

In her massage practice, she utilizes techniques such as myofascial release, deep tissue massage, reiki, and massage cupping. She works with a gentle touch, giving the soft tissue just as much pressure as it needs to release while creating a deeply relaxing experience for her clients.
Away from the massage table, Sarah finds solitude in hiking (while drinking plenty of water!), mountain biking, rock climbing, and scrambling. Over the years, she has learned the value of proper self-care. She also firmly believes that keeping your body in motion is a sure-fire way to stay healthy and enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer.



Born and raised in the Missoula Valley, Kassie has long been in love with the wonders this Earth has to offer. Through spending time in her childhood forest, she came to realize that ailments of the human body can be remedied in gentle ways. This created her to be curious about how she could lend a hand in the world of healing. A growing passion for holistic health has led her to a license in massage therapy through Sacred Roots Massage School of Missoula. It is her belief that through massage we can help direct ourselves to a wellness of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

On her table, you may experience her specialties of Massage Cupping, Myofacial Release, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Treatment. Kassie also employs the healing flow of Reiki in her practice, and is happy to incorporate it into any treatment when requested. She is excited to continue her learning with the caring and talented staff of Good Medicine! Her goal is to tailor each massage to the needs of each individual client.

As Kassie grows her practice, she is expanding her talents in herbal studies, Body Talk, and mycology. She is continuing her studies in these areas with plans to incorporate them into her practice as her training progresses.

To keep herself well, Kassie can be found nurturing her spirit while exploring nature, dancing with abandon, cooking/skateboarding in the kitchen and hanging out with her two boys- the brightest stars in her life. She looks forward to working with you and the Good Medicine family!

When not practicing massage, you can find her studying for her B.S in Psychology, rockhounding for crystals in the great outdoors, swimming, smiling, and sleeping.



Born and raised up the Bitterroot River, Montana native Dessa Lennox is anchored in the belief that in order to live your best life it is important to celebrate and nourish your body. After 8 years of adventuring, she returned to Montana to become a graduate of the Sacred Roots Massage School of Montana. Her education and licensure in Massage Therapy has allowed her to carry her natural disposition for healing to the Missoula community.

Growing up as an avid skier taught Dessa that your body is only able to take you as far as you are willing to care for it. During treatment she strives to create an inclusive space that is centered on giving her patients a non-invasive therapeutic touch to restore and maintain alignment throughout the body. Dessa utilizes Deep Tissue and Myofascial release techniques, in addition to cupping and hot stones and looks forward to growing her specialties with continuing education courses in pain management, structural integration, nutrition, and movement.

She is thrilled to join the team at Good Medicine and we are honored to be a part of her blossoming Massage career.



Chicago native Adrianne Kuhr graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. After moving around a bit, she and her husband settled in Missoula, where she has been building a massage practice since 2017.

Always learning and developing her skills, Adrianne has most recently completed continuing education courses in Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques, Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function for improving function and restoring structural balance, and Integrative Reflexology. She is also a proud member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, which allows her to easily stay up to date on current techniques and philosophies of the profession. As the years have passed as a Massage Therapist, she has found herself increasingly interested in mastering her education in the human form and function and is currently working towards an undergraduate degree in Integrative Physiology.

When she is not working with patients at Good Medicine, Adrianne tends to her own wellness by receiving regular bodywork, spending time outside with her dogs, and soaking in the many natural hot springs around Montana.

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