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Jessi is a 5th generation Montanan and was raised with a deep love for this state and the people who live in it. A Licensed Massage Therapist with over a decade of experience, she is passionate about holistic wellness, and anyone that has come through our doors can testify to her welcoming nature and sense of humor.

Good Medicine was born out of her desire to bring together exceptionally qualified practitioners to work under a model that provides affordable and accessible pricing for our patients, in an environment that allows deep relaxation and healing. Founded in Missoula, MT in 2016, Good Medicine now has locations in Missoula and Bozeman, MT, and provides over 16,000 treatments each year to our community.

Jessi does her best to follow her own advice and tends to her wellness with regular Acupuncture & Massage sessions, herbal medicine practices, and prefers biking, boxing, and yoga to keep herself strong. When she takes a break from tending to Good Medicine you can find her outside with her dogs, seeking live music wherever she can find it or planning her next trip to almost anywhere, and serves her community as a member of the Board of Directors for the Child Start Head Start program in Missoula, MT.



From a young age, Debbie Ohls has used her ability to listen, observe and intuit in order to help care for family and friends. She developed those skills throughout her life.

Debbie has lived in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Oregon and Denver as well as a brief time in Spain and England. She learned to relate and connect with people from all backgrounds.

She went to the University of Oregon and got a degree in journalism and Spanish. She was hired right out of college as a marketing manager for a growing restaurant chain and traveled the West Coast opening restaurants.

Although she was successful in this job, something was missing. She always had a passion for fitness and healthy eating so she embarked on the next step in her journey…becoming a Personal Trainer.

Debbie’s fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle lead to her own physical and digestive issues. She had trouble finding relief. A friend suggested she go see an acupuncturist.

Visiting the acupuncturist proved to be life-changing for Debbie. She was amazed by the relief she experienced after her treatments.

This prompted her to research Chinese medicine, and the concepts resonated deeply with her. She saw that this was the path she was born to travel. She committed herself to learn all she could about natural health and healing. This culminated in a Masters of Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA.

Debbie is an intuitive style practitioner who is passionate about connecting with her patients and getting to the root of their issues. She addresses how our emotions can manifest in our bodies and helps to guide people in their path to wellness. She also incorporates energy and bodywork into her treatments.

To be sure she is at her best for her patients, she takes care of herself by going for walks and hikes with her family, doing Qi Gong, dancing, and reading a good book on the couch while sipping tea.

Listening to what her patients say and sensing what they haven’t said is what allows Debbie to connect and provide the best care possible. Nothing gives her more joy than when her patients are able to live their best life.



After spending her formative years in New Jersey, Brittany earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. While in college, she struggled to find relief from migraine headaches and chronic pain. After feeling like there was no effective treatment to manage her pain, Brittany came to Acupuncture as a last resort. Not only did she find relief from her symptoms and management of her condition, but the results also had such a profound impact on her life that she was moved to share this medicine with others.  Brittany went on to attend Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado, where she earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture, and has been practicing ever since.

Her passion for health and wellness is demonstrated through gentle and effective treatment plans, personalized for each patient to reach their goals. She is committed to facilitating a safe and non-judgmental treatment experience, where a patient is supported to balance their mind, body and soul. Brittany has experience in treating a wide range of conditions, though her specialties are treatments to address acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), headaches and migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

Away from the clinic, Brittany holds a strong belief that life requires balance, which she finds through running, weightlifting, cooking, camping and getting lost in a good book.



Sam Burkholder is a graduate of the Mossmain College of Massage Therapy and, over the last few years, has been practicing Massage Therapy as a complement to her passion for community care.

Understanding that Massage Therapy is a tangible way of supporting a person’s total wellness, she offers personalized care that encourages and supports whole body awareness, while utilizing hands-on skills such as deep-tissue and myofacial release techniques, to address the physical imbalances of the human body. An acute listener, Sam is adept at customizing each person’s treatment plan to satisfy the needs and goals required to restore movement and balance to our structure.

Away from the Massage table, Sam delights in spending time with her family, hiking, making plant medicine, and giving herself time for rest & reflection. Her long-term desire is to continue to grow in her practice, build community, and revel in as much contentment as humanly possible.



Having a lifelong draw to the healing arts, Brytany Cattaneo followed her passion, helping her parents as a birth doula and midwifery student. In 2017, she became a graduate of the Massage Therapy program at the HealthWorks Institute in Bozeman, MT.

While there, she gained a deep knowledge of human anatomy and developed skills in Swedish Massage, Myofacial Release, and Sports Massage. While those skills apply to most patients in her practice, her specialty and passion lies in working with Pre-natal and Post-natal patients, and providing specific treatment work to individuals with chronic pain or imbalance in their bodies. Additionally, Brytany is trained in Quantum Touch energy work and regularly incorporates energy healing into her treatments.

Brytany finds her career in Massage Therapy highly fulfilling, both for herself and the patients who work with her. To keep herself mentally healthy, Brytany relaxes by spending time with her four children and spouse, being an avid reader, and enjoying time at the river.

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