The following is a case study for a Female, age 24 who was experiencing reactions from overindulgence during the holidays.

The patient is happy, outgoing, and very social. Since this year she was unable to reunite with family and friends in person, she planned a virtual pre-holiday gathering. Many friends attended, and everyone overindulged in food and drink as they socialized online. Afterwards, she was ill all night with an upset stomach, nausea and vomiting, and she had a splitting “hangover headache”.

She had heard that Chinese medicine might help with the headache, and also asked for help with her upset stomach. She had a history of “sensitive digestion” and migraines, and also wanted to know how we could help with that. 

Acupuncture was performed, and after 20-30 minutes she felt much better.

After only 1 treatment her headache, queasiness and nausea were barely noticeable. She was given a Chinese herbal formula to finish settling her stomach.

She returned after the holidays and after a series of 4 weekly acupuncture sessions, her stomach was digesting food more easily. Because she felt so much better, she continued coming twice a month for another 2 months which helped end the migraine headaches.