Car accidents are some of the most traumatic experiences we can encounter both physically and mentally. Motorcycle accidents, in particular, leave most of the body exposed to the impact. Without the safety of a seat belt or the protective cover of the vehicle itself, you’re left to the mercy of the pavement. Can acupuncture and massage help you after a motorcycle or car accident? The short answer: absolutely.

Most insurances will actually cover massage and acupuncture as treatment for post-recovery from an auto accident. You will need to consult with your insurance provider before pursuing acupuncture or massage as an effective treatment method.

This case study involves a female in her late 20’s. She was pitched over the front of her motorcycle after having the front end lock up on gravel.

She hit the pavement going 45 mph wearing non-padded leathers and a motorcycle helmet. The impact damage was most prominent on the lower three ribs on her right side, her right hip, and right shoulder.

She experienced minor bruising across the left side of her body. The most prominent issue she reported was an inability to take a deep breath and extreme tenderness in the ribs.

She received an acupuncture treatment the day after her accident, focusing on points that promoted moving the blood and opening the channels associated with the sites of injury. This acupuncture treatment strategy for impact trauma reduces pain and inflammation, allowing the body to heal quicker and with less residual symptoms.

She received a massage treatment the following day, focusing on her mid back. She reported the muscles being “seized up and tight”, which she believed was preventing her from breathing. She reported having significant release from the massage treatment both physically and emotionally.

In her own words,

“I was surprised how little I was affected from the accident at first. My adrenaline didn’t slow down for a full day. That’s when I started to experience the pain and anxiety around the crash. Even then, I still wasn’t allowing my body to really release and start to heal. The acupuncture helped tremendously with the pain. The massage session released the tension I was holding in my back but also overwhelmed me with emotion. I had to sit down for nearly an hour after the massage to allow all the feelings to process. It was extremely healing for me to get past all of it and I’m happy to say I’m back on my motorcycle again. I don’t know I would have been able to face that trauma and come out the other end with almost no side effects without Good Medicine. So grateful!”

If you’ve recently been in a vehicle accident and aren’t sure if acupuncture or massage will help with your chronic pain or trauma, give us a call. We are always here to answer your questions. (406) 926-1881