Several weeks after we ring in the American New Year, we get to set the celebration wheels turning once again for the festive Chinese New Year. You may have heard about Chinese New Year but it comes with a whole set of exciting traditions and interesting predictions. Find out how you can celebrate it this year (2020). Here is a quick crash course on this fun holiday and it’s relation to Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

The Year of the Metal Rat

The Chinese New Year primarily revolves around predictions for the coming year. It’s very easy to find information about horoscopes, love matches, and financial predictions for the coming months. Some aspects of the New Year also revolve around Chinese medicine and the energies present in the Earthly Branches.

In 2020, Chinese New Year falls on January 25. The Chinese base their calendar on lunar cycles rather than a traditional calendar which means New Year’s could fall anytime between January 21 to February 20.

Each Chinese New Year follows the 12 Earthly Branches cycle which assigns an animal, an element, and a yin or yang energy to the coming year. The full Chinese cycle is completed every 60 years. The last time we entered into a Metal Rat or Gold Rat year was in 1960.

One fun aspect of this new year is that we are completing the shorter 12-year cycle of the 12 Earthly Branches. The Rat begins a new cycle which is an exciting time for new beginnings.

The year of the Metal Rat bodes well for starting new projects. You have the wit and vigor of the clever rat and the new beginning of the yang energy. If you have a new business venture, new health regime, or new relationship in mind, go for it! Now is a great time to set the groundwork for your next 12 years.

Before we delve more into this New Year, let’s see what we’re leaving behind as we complete this 12-year cycle and leave behind the year of the Earth Pig.

Leaving Behind the Sign of the Earth Pig 2019

The end of the 2019 marks the end of the Earth Pig. This Earth elemental sign has ruled since 2008 as part of the 12 year cycle.

What we are leaving behind:

  • As the final aspect of the Chinese zodiac, the Pig represents completion. 2019 was a good time for growth as life comes to maturity.
  • Many may have felt overworked or overwhelmed with opportunities that either led them to higher growth, or taught them valuable lessons for future projects.
  • Health wise – many have experienced fatigue and nervousness but all for good reason as the year closes with new choices for career and love laid out before them.

Most of the Chinese New Year predictions revolve around the influences of your particular zodiac sign within that year. Curious to learn what your Chinese zodiac is? Check this link out to find your Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese Medicine in the New Year 2020

2020 is a Yang Metal year which correlates strongly to conditions of the lung.

Depending on how you approach the new year, it could either be a good time to treat asthma or it could be a bad year for asthmatics. In Missoula, in particular, we may be in for another bad smoke year if we don’t start seeing some snow!

It is strongly suggested that sufferers of asthma be cautious into the new year about safeguarding themselves with herbs and acupuncture treatments to support lung health – especially as Missoula enters the smoky season in July.

Chinese New Year Culture

Chinese New Year is traditionally a time to return to your roots. Often, the major cities slow to a quiet and the small villages explode with bustling celebration.

  • Make cute paper lanterns using this walk-through. Paper lanterns represent joy, celebration, and fortune. It is a way to celebrate good fortune.
  • It is traditional to offer money to employees and children in red envelopes. The red offers protection and good luck.
  • Mid-winter (“spring”) cleaning. It is traditional to clear away the old in preparation for the coming year.
  • Have a long, family-oriented dinner. The Chinese Reunion dinner lasts for hours. In particular, you should cook fish and save some of it for the next day. Why? Because this signifies abundance in the New Year.

Quick Summary

  • Chinese New Year primarily deals in predictions based on your horoscope.
  • Chinese New Year falls on January 25th this year.
  • The coming year, known as the Year of the Metal Rat, will be a hard one for asthmatics and special attention should be paid to lung care.
  • Leaving the cycle of the Earth Pig, we are entering into a new 12-year cycle which is a great time to start new projects.
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year by clearing away the old and making room for abundance and joy!

Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year from everyone at Good Medicine!