What is East Asian Bodywork?

East Asian Bodywork is a meridian-based massage technique derived from the Japanese style of massage, Shiatsu. East Asian Bodywork targets the meridian system within the body. In Chinese Medicine, meridians are passages that carry life energy, or qi, as it flows throughout our system. 

The East Asian Bodywork technique increases energy flow and expels meridian blockages that prevent the healthy flow of qi. Meridian blockages are frequently caused by low temperatures, cold, drafty weather, organ deficiency and emotions such as anger, feelings of stress, tension and seasonal affective symptoms.

How Does it Work?

Performed on a Thai Massage mat, East Asian body work is performed with the client fully clothed. This body work method uses Moxa, Gua Sha, body mobilization and Cupping to restore and rejuvenate the movement of qi. By stimulating heat, Moxa releases coldness held in the body encouraging the movement of qi, while Gua Sha and Cupping help increase circulation and blood flow.  

Benefits of East Asian Bodywork

East Asian body work is useful in combatting a multitude of ailments that can cause us discomfort, especially in the winter months. This technique is effective in aiding with aches and pains, headaches, pain in the shoulder and lower back regions while preventing and treating winter injuries. Along with aiding in these physical conditions, East Asian body work also guides support for symptoms of organ deficiency such as fatigue, digestion, appetite and emotional stresses and tensions. 

Here at Good Medicine, our experts suggest East Asian Bodywork because research on this modality of Chinese Medicine suggests that the movement of energy and circulation assists in keeping the body warm and mobile during a time when the weather outside is cold and contracting. By reaping the benefits of East Asian Bodywork, our bodies have a better opportunity to rest and regenerate creating a solid foundation to find our well deserved zen this season.