Our Missoula massage clinic offers a variety of massage styles. Each type of massage is beneficial for specific aches, pains, or relaxation goals. Here are a few of the types of massage that we offer at Good Medicine.

  1. Thai Massage
  2. Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique – SMRT
  3. Prenatal Massage
  4. Deep Tissue Massage
  5. Cupping Massage
  6. Hot Stones Massage

#1 Thai Massage

Good Medicine has trained Thai Bodywork Specialists available for Thai style massage. Thai bodywork is an active style of massage that involves assisted stretching, dynamic movement, compression, cupping, and more. It is rooted in Thailand’s concept of the 5 branches of healing, one of which being bodywork. It is a different style of massage that many who suffer from chronic pain or consistent tension will benefit from. 

#2 Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique is a remarkable massage style which focuses specifically on releasing trigger points and interrupting pain signals in the body. The result of this precision-focused technique is a reduction in pain and a calming effect on the nervous system. This style of massage is perfect for those under continual stress or those dealing with acute pain. 

#3 Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a safe, effective way of helping mother and child through the stresses of pregnancy. Prenatal massage can help with many common discomforts such as stiff muscles, poor circulation, headaches, depression, constipation, and anxiety. Our therapists are trained to offer prenatal bolsters and cushion support so you can lay either face down or on your side throughout the massage – whichever is most comfortable to you and the baby. 

#4 Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage typically involves heavy pressure and lots of focus on problem areas. It is not preferred if you are sensitive to touch. Deep tissue massage will call a lot of blood flow to usually stagnant areas. It is best to plan to relax for the rest of the day after a deep tissue massage. It is highly recommended that you drink adequate water to help flush the system after your massage.

#5 Cupping Massage

Cupping massage works wonders on chronic problem areas. It works by applying negative pressure to an area by pulling the muscles and fascia upwards using suction. Many find that the cupping massage therapy helps relieve pain in areas that have not responded well to traditional massage or physical therapy.

#6 Hot Stones Massage

Our hot stone massage is the ultimate in relaxation. Muscles melt under the warmth and softness of the smooth stones. Hot stone massage is an effective, relaxing style of massage. For those that find comfort in warmth and even pressure, a hot stone massage will help them slip into calm bliss.