At Good Medicine, we offer community-based acupuncture. We often get questions about what this means and how it makes us different from other acupuncture clinics. Here are some of the key differences between private acupuncture and community acupuncture services.

Community Based Acupuncture in Missoula

Community acupuncture aims to make acupuncture more affordable by removing some of the barriers you may see at private clinics.

Unlike private acupuncture sessions, community acupuncture is done in an open space and often while sharing the space with other patients. This brings cost down for the clinic which translates to lower costs for the patient.

Our community acupuncture offers semi-private rooms separated by curtains. An additional curtain wall can be brought in to completely section off an area if more privacy is needed.

All consultations are performed in a separate room before moving to the open treatment area. During your consultation in the separate room, you can speak openly and with discretion about your treatment plan.

One of the most beneficial features of community acupuncture is that its primary goal is to make acupuncture affordable for everyone. Our community acupuncture runs on a sliding scale fee. This means that your payment per acupuncture treatment is based on your income.

Our pay scale ranges between $35 per session with a cap at $65 per session. The goal is for everyone to pay what they can afford. We never ask you to prove your income. We trust you.

The purpose of community acupuncture is to serve the community by making acupuncture accessible, affordable, and beneficial for its patients.

This mission is in line with Good Medicine’s continued vision to make self-care and alternative medicines available to the Missoula community.